HPTA Membership

Join HPTA! HPTA members are actively engaged in establishing standards and creating growth and advancement opportunities for the humic trades industry. Fill out our membership application today.

All members must abide by the HPTA® Code of Ethics.

Who should join?

  • Scientists who support the advancement of humic products.
  • Industry leaders who desire to demonstrate their professional and ethical dedication to their clients.
  • Any person, company or organization interested in promoting the commercial trade of humic substances.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access. As a member you’ll have access to individuals and organizations in the humic products industry as well as their industry and market information, product and market ideas, and a network of professional resources.
  • Advocacy. As a HPTA® Member, you’ll work on the root issues limiting the potential of humic products demonstrating that you care enough about your business, your industry, and your clients needs to be part of raising the level of professionalism in our industry.
  • Industry influence. As a member you’ll have direct representation at government functions that impact the regulation of humic materials, and you’ll shape the industry by collaborating on industry priorities, standards, definitions and regulatory issues.
  • Education. You’ll gain knowledge of humic products and materials through education and access to technological advancements, the HPTA® scientific literature and technical databases and industry professionals.
  • Industry standardization. Members play a key role in establishing HPTA® standards, enabling the association to approach the regulatory communities for product approval. A standardized analysis is the basis for supporting product quality claims and approval from State and Federal Regulators.

Code of Ethics

The Humic Products Trade Association has incorporated a Code of Ethics into its Bylaws to ensure transparency in its affairs. All members have open access to the association’s meetings, records and business. The HPTA has no right to any of its member’s trade secrets, customer lists, or proprietary information.

Members must conform to all the regulatory requirements of their respective federal, state and local governments and must conduct business transactions in a fair and truthful manner with their vendors and customers. Members in good standing may identify themselves as a HPTA® member in their advertising and marketing materials.

Review or download the Code of Ethics here.

Membership Levels

  • Corporations with sales greater than $1M = $3000/year
  • Corporations with sales of $1M – $200K = $1800/year
  • Corporations with sales less than $200K = $ 750/year
  • Individuals $50/year
    • Individual membership includes retired persons, students and academics and others interested in the Humic industry, not associated or employed by a parent company or corporation.
    • The individual membership level will not have voting rights or be listed in the membership directory.

Annual Membership dues follow the calendar year (January – December). New memberships are prorated based on the month joined.

How to Join

All payments in U.S. dollars

Payments are by:

  1. Credit card
  2. Wire transfer or
  3. Checks drawn on a U.S. or Canadian bank

Joining the HPTA is simple.

If you have any questions, please send to :

David Chinn

c/o David Chinn
4800 Strawberry Lane
Louisville, KY 40209

HPTA Membership

HPTA Members

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