Humic Products

Crops & Soil

In Agriculture, the range of humic products includes dry granular products, liquid products and powders. Humic products are widely used as soil amendments and/or blended with fertilizers.

Granular products, which are made from mined and screened ores referred to as Humates, Leonardite or Oxidized Lignite, are effective if used as part of an overall agronomic program. Coated, prilled (pelletized) or combined products that contain Humic Products combined with other nutrients or inputs can be used as part of overall program intended to improve soil structure, tilth, water-holding capacity and nutrient-holding capacity when applied to most agricultural soils.

Private sector research of granular, coated, prilled or combined Humic Products suggests that the potential for enhancing fertilizer efficiency and nutrient uptake are possible when the humic products are blended with dry fertilizers. Although more research is needed, the potential for improving crop quality and yield as well as helping to reduce environmentally-problematic effluent is very promising.

There has been extensive research on liquid Humic Products, such as liquid humic acids and liquid fulvic acids that are typically applied in the row, either with seed or during the growing season and as foliar treatments. Powders, either soluble or suspendable, have the same applications as liquid products. Liquids and suspendable powders are typically blended with other nutrient inputs for best effect.

Product Group Product Application Method
Granular Humate, Leonardite, Oxidized Lignite, HumaliteCoated, prilled or combined products
Blended fertilizers with humic products
Broadcast or in-rowBroadcast or in-row
Broadcast or in-row
Liquids Liquid Humic AcidsLiquid Fulvic Acids In-row or foliar, with or without other inputsFoliar with nutrients
Powders Soluble Humic or Fulvic AcidsSuspendable Humic Substances In-row or foliarIn-row or foliar