The Catalyst Product Group/P. Mark Turner

Location: Gilbert, AZ
Business Form: Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer, Broker/Mfg Rep, Processor, Consultant
Markets Served: Agriculture, Nutritional Supplements, Retail Lawn & Garden, Turf & Ornamental
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The Catalyst Product Group (TCPG) is a manufacturer of Humates (Humic and Fulvic Acid extracts), mined minerals extraction’s, organic fertilizers, cotton harvest aids, organic fungicides, and all natural nematicides. TCPG has developed and successfully marketed the use of organic materials used to enhance the production of farmers, landscapers, home owners, and golf courses. With an environmentally health conscious consumer, the implications of stricter government regulations, these consumers are beginning to see the benefits of adding natural ingredients to current cultural practices in an effort to maintain the life and health of the soil.


  • Activate 80
  • Jenner 8
  • Integrate
  • Jenner 8 Plus

P. Mark Turner, Owner
Business Phone: 480-814-8318

The Catalyst Product Group/P. Mark Turner