MTS Environmental Inc.

Location: Exeter, Ontario, Canada
Business Form: Retailer, Manufacturer, Distributor
Markets Served: Agriculture, Animal Feed Additives, Retail Lawn & Garden, Turf & Ornamental, Other
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Description of Company:
We provide natural and environmentally-friendly solutions to agriculture, municipal, residential, recreational, and industrial organic waste and water environmental issues  with a very different approach. Nutrient contamination, odours and solid build-up are not the problems  they are the symptoms of microbial and nutrient imbalance. Our products work to restore a natural balance of microbial life, activating the natural biodigestion system to eliminate the cause as well as the symptoms.

Bio-Desolve Septic & Wastewater Treatment
Bio-Desolve Grease Trap & Drain Line Treatment
Natural Manure Treatment
Ammonia Control 250
Bio-Desolve Pond Treatment
Soil Carbon Mix
LX7 Foliar Blend
LX7 Fulvic
LX7 Soil Mix


Hiram Thompson, President

Terri Eagelson, Marketing

MTS Environmental Inc.