Mineral Logic, LLC and AgTonik, LLC

Location:Kalamazoo, MI

Business Forms:Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Mine and Consultant

Markets Served:Agriculture and Animal Feed Additives

Web Address: https://www.minerallogic.com/� and https://www.agtonik.com/

Description of Company:
Mineral Logic and subsidiary AgTonik is a manufacturer of fulvic acid micronutrients for nutraceutical and agricultural businesses. We are a B2B wholesaler and do not produce products for individual and small quantity orders. Our source mine and manufacturing are located in the United States.


  • MLG-50
  • MLG-A50
  • AGT-50
  • AGT-L50

Dr. Mark K. Williams, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer, Quality Control
Business: 800.342.6960
Mobile Phone: 617.285.3212

Matt Scheerer
Business Development, Sales
Business: 800.342.6960
Mobile Phone: 269.888.1267

Mineral Logic, LLC and AgTonik, LLC