Live Earth Products, Inc.
Live Earth Products, Inc.

Location: Emery, UT
Business Form: Manufacturer, Mine
Markets Served: Agriculture, Turf & Ornamental, Retail Lawn & Garden, Animal Feed Additives, Nutritional Supplements, Consultant
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Description of Company:

Live Earth Product, Inc. has manufactured humic shale derivatives since the mid 80’s. We produce granular humic shale and liquid humic and fulvic. We sell into several market segments such as agriculture, golf & turf, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and animal feeds. We do both certified organic and synthetic blends that can contain humic and fulvic. We ship internationally and are capable of producing both bulk and packaged products. Live Earth Products, Inc. is family owned and operated.


  • Humate Soil Conditioner
  • Liquid 6
  • LM-32
  • AF-65 Granular


Russell Taylor
Business Phone: 435.286.2222
Mobile Phone: 435.749.0168

Live Earth Products, Inc.