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Location: Grevenbroich, Germany
Business Form: Wholesaler, Retailer, Manufacturer, Mine
Markets Served: Agriculture, Turf & Ornamental, Retail Lawn & Garden, Mining Reclamation, Remediation, Oil Industry, Cosmetics, Environment, Industry
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The scientific research of humic acids and their usable properties has a long tradition in
Germany, which started with the works of the chemist Franz Carl Achard (1753-1821), who
described humic acids for the first time. The commercial employment of humic acid
containing lignite e.g. as painting pigment under the designation “Cologne brown” or “Cassel
brown” (since 1919 also called “Leonardite”) reaches back even to 16th century in Germany.
From the late 40’s of the 20th century on the use of educed humic acids has been
established in the agricultural, medical and environmental sector.

Humintech is a German technology enterprise, based in Grevenbroich, Germany, which ties in with this
longtime tradition of researching and commercializing humic acids. From the beginning of the
70’s on former open cast lignite mining fields were recultivated with Humintech’s soil
conditioner and amendment PERLHUMUS. Since then further humic acids based products
have continuously been developed and produced for agriculture and other sectors.
Humintech exports its products to more than 50 countries and today the company ranks
among the leading producers and exporters of humic acids based products worldwide..

Powhumus WSG-85
Liqhumus 18
Perlhumus Granules
Humiron Fe WSG
Humiron Fe Liquid


Berthold Stern, Manager R&D
Business Phone: +49 2181 70676 23
Telefax: +49 2181 70676 22

Humintech GmbH