HGS BioScience

709 Eastport Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 32218

Business Form: Manufacturer

Markets Served: Agriculture, Reclamation, Remediation, Retail Lawn & Garden, Turf & Ornamental

Web Address: https://HGSBioScience.com

Description of Company: HGS BioScience is a soil health innovation company perfecting the delivery of functional carbon to farmers fields. Its Performance Granule™ allows growers to get more yield from each acre by improving soil health and boosting the efficiency of fertilizers. With six North American manufacturing sites and the deepest, most versatile portfolio in the industry, HGS Bioscience™ is shaping the future of soil and plant health in the U.S., Canada and around the world.


Humi[K] WSG
Humi[K] WSP
Humi[K] ES
Humi[K] WSG Bio
Humi[K] WSG Bio Plus
Ful-Grow Gold 2X

Contacts: Michael Steffeck, Chief Executive Officer
Email : mike.steffeck@hgsbioscience.com
Business Phone : 970-371-2010

Jake Bredsguard, COO
Business Phone : 949-874-1212

Scott Messer, VP Sales & Marketing
Business Phone : 901-316-6732

HGS BioScience