GTX Technologies

Location: Amarillo, TX
Business Form: Manufacturer, Consultant
Markets Served: Agriculture, Turf & Ornamental, Retail Lawn & Garden, Animal Feed Additives, Nutritional Supplements, Medical Research
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GTX Technologies was started after finding intriguing biological properties between humates and their extracted derivatives through animal research. In order to fully harness the biological potential of these unique molecules, a liquid production facility was established in Amarillo, Texas. Our proprietary extraction and pre-concentration processes produce organic registered Fulvic Acids and Humic Acids, providing natural solutions for customers worldwide. GTX Technologies also provides nutritional consultancy services on humic substances research and applications.


GTX Gold-L
Alkaline Gold
Ace Humic Acid
Liquid Soil
GTX Platinum
GTX Gold Powder


Norbert Chirase, Ph.D., President
Business Phone: 806.418.4916

GTX Technologies