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At BioFlora, our roots run deep in agriculture and with ‘Nature Knows Best’ as our motto, everything we produce is designed to enhance and support the natural systems established by mother nature.

 For over 40 years, our products and technology have been used by some of the industry’s top growers. We are an established and trusted brand for sustainable and organic solutions for agriculture.

 We believe in the partnership between plants and soils, where our focus is, to tailor fit our products to a grower’s specific needs.

 We create customized programs designed to improve plant health, aid in soil ecology, increase microbial diversity and mitigate plant stress.

 We take pride in using all-natural ingredients to manufacture our products enhanced with our patented Cellular Infuson® Technology.

 Perfected through research and practical applications, Cellular Infuson® Technology enables the transportation and delivery of agricultural fertility inputs to be more effective. This in turn adds value to your crops’ quality and quantity while increasing your market value.

Headquartered in Goodyear, Arizona, our 80,000 sq foot building houses our administration team, food-grade fulvic acid operation and five laboratories. Also, in Arizona, we operate a liquid blending and packaging operation, humic acid, microalgae and pellet mill operations, as well as a research farm.

 We are an integrated manufacturing operation with diversified formulations. It all starts with our patented chemical-free extraction processes and high-quality raw materials.

 At our liquid blending operation, we have multiple formulating capabilities that can support high volumes. We have a fleet of semitrucks that service our west coast business. We also have a global partnership of distributors enabling world-wide distribution.

 As one of the largest food-grade fulvic acid manufacturers in the United States, our operation produces millions of gallons of fulvic acid a year. Our patented extraction process results in a chemical-free organic product.

 Our humic acid operation produces several million gallons a year also through a patented extraction process. As a key ingredient in a number of products, our humic acid contains rich carbon complexes with a high diversity and concentration of naturally-occurring microbes, as determined by metagenomic research. These beneficial microbes are essential for soil ecology and plant life.

 Supplement Division:

Seeing the benefits to the plant’s cellular health, it was only natural to continue the efforts within the animal and human market segments.

Headquartered in Goodyear, Arizona, Global Organics 80,000 square foot building houses our administration team and food grade fulvic acid extraction operation with spray drying and two laboratories.  

For many years, Mineral BioSciences has worked behind the scenes, supplying prominent companies specializing in human health or wellness with fulvic acid used as a key ingredient or standalone product. 

Our fulvic acid, Ioniplex ®, has the power to make any ingredient more bioavailable. By enhancing the rapid absorption of nutrients into the cellular structure, Ioniplex ® enables your product to maximize its potential.

You can find out more on for more information on our fulvic acid in the supplement space.

Products: Ioniplex, HumiPlex,

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Luke C. Blotsky, CEO / Managing Partner
Business Phone: 623.932.1522

 Frank Rodriguez, Regulatory Affairs
Business Phone: 623.932.1522