Location:1352 Industrial Rd
West Kelowna, BCV4T1M9

Business Form: Manufacturer

Markets Served: Agriculture, Animal Feed Additives, Nutritional Supplements

Web Address: http://fulvicxcell.com

Description of Company:FulvicXcell Products Ltd. is located in West Kelowna, British Columbia. FulvicXcell produces a variety of high-quality, certified organic fulvic and humic acids that are manufactured, packaged, and stored in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices.

FulvicXcell’s patented axtraction technology is a revolutionary technique in the production of Fulvic and humic acids that enables us to produce world-class products iwth exceptional quality.


Fulvic Acid
Humic Acid
Nutritional supplements blended with humic/fulvic

Contacts:John Schwaiger, CEO
Email : john@fulvicxcell.com
Business Phone : 250-878-7323