Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4953
Orange, CA 92863

Business Form(s):Wholesaler, Retailer and Manufacturer

Markets Served:Nutritional Supplements and Skin Care

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Description of Company:
BioFulvic manufacturers nutritional supplements, body care products and products for pets using mineral-rich humic substances which are fully tested for quality and content based on the approved HPTA test method by ISO certified laboratories.

BioFulvic seeks to offer everyone beneficial, naturally sourced products which aim to improve quality of life.

Our belief is that humic substances improve overall wellness through ingestion and through topical application.

Multimineral Fulvic +Humic Micronutrient Blend
Magnesium Fulvic + Humic Bath Soak
Volcanic Clay Fulvic Humic Exfoliating Face Mask
Parasite Challenge 1 month kit
Fulvic Humic Restorative Soap

Candice Hardin, Partner
Business: 866.786.3582
Direct: 714.202.5580
Mobile: 714.697.1966