Adamspace Bio LLC

Republic of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata's region, Talgar district, Kyzyltu-
2 settlement, Auezov Street 33

Business Form: Manufacturer, Retailer

Markets Served:Functional food, Nutritional Supplements, Cosmetics, Animal
Feed Additives, Agriculture, Environment, Non-waste production

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Description of Company: Adamspace Bio LLP was established in 2021. Adamspace Bio LLP produces and brings to international markets and to provide Kazakhstan itself with organic products to protect immunity (based on the Patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan
No. 6335). Patent No. 6335- this is the production of food ingredients with immunomodulatory properties, based on organic raw materials, used as a food additive in the preparation of the widest range of functional products and for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. An organic food ingredient based on humic substances, when added to the composition (recipe) of food products, ensures the full functioning of the human microbiome, enhances human immunity and antiviral protection.

In accordance with the development plan for2022-2032over the years, the factory will increase the product range with a new range, adhering to the policy of using only natural products, the absence of pollution, compliance with organic regulations, and a high production culture.


Beverages- a number of organic detox drinks.
Capsules- capsules to strengthen the immune system and overall metabolism.
Food Salt – Colored vitamin lake and sea salts: black, green and pink. Saturated
with organic products and fermented humic and fulvic acids.
Jummy – Colored marmalade figurines for children based on fulvic acids,
berries and fruits.
Toilet soap- Organic natural soap 100% based on vegetable oils with the use of
humic, fulvic acids, and spirulina microalgae.

Contacts:Farhad Omarov, CEO
Mobile: +8 708 5848811
Business: +8 727 74746

Adamspace Bio LLC