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The Humic Products Trade Association is preparing for the 2022 Annual Meeting Tuesday, September 27. This year’s meeting will be conducted in-person and virtually.As part of the association business, HPTA membership will be electing the 2023-2024 board of directors.All voting will be conducted electronically prior to the meeting and the results will be announced during the meeting.

Any individual of an HPTA member company, in good standing, can nominate or be nominated as a candidate for the board of directors.This is a great leadership opportunity for members who want to step up their commitment and help shape the humic substance industry.HPTA board members serve a two-year term and donate a minimum of two hours per month. The board meetings are typically held the second Tuesday of the month via Zoom.All current HPTA members are encouraged to participate in this process. If you are not yet a member, there is still time to join and participate. Here is the “How to Join” link for you.

Nominations will be accepted through midnight CDT Friday, August 12.Please include as much information as you have on the form. Not all fields are required, but are very helpful.

Voting is scheduled to open on Tuesday, September 6 will be conducted electronically.

Pleasenote:Asstatedinthebylaws,eachcorporatememberisallowedone (1)votepercompany.


  • Russell Taylor Live Earth Products
  • Lyndon Smith Bio Huma Netics
  • Cherie Harms – Leonardite Products
  • David Chinn – Montys Plant Food
  • Mark Turner – The Catalyst Company
  • Fernando Rosario-Ortiz – University of Colorado-Boulder

Officers are elected by board vote and committee chairs are assigned by the board.Currently, Russell Taylor is President, Lyndon Smith is Vice President, and Cherie Harms is Secretary/Treasurer.Fernando Rosario-Ortiz is Science Advisor.David Chinn and Mark Turner are members at large.

Below is an excerpt from the HPTA bylaws describing the duties and composition of the Board of Directors:

Authority and Responsibility

The affairs of the Association are managed by the Board of Directors (Board), which supervises, controls and directs the Associations affairs, determines and revises its policies within the limits of these Bylaws, and actively promotes its purposes, and exercises discretion in collecting and disbursing its funds.

The Board may adopt rules and regulations for conducting its business as it deems advisable and may, in executing the powers granted, appoint agents it considers necessary or appropriate.

Composition, Qualifications, Selection and Term

The Board is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, two Members-at large and a Science Advisor, all elected by the membership.

Board members will be elected every two years beginning in 2010.

The Science Advisor is an ex-officio position carrying the full responsibilities of a member.The Science Advisor has voting rights within the board of directors and membership.


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