Midwestern BioAg

Location: Blue Mounds, WI
Business Form: Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Distributor, Broker/Manufacture Rep, Consultant
Markets Served: Agriculture, Turf & Ornamental, Animal Feed Additives, Nutritional Supplements, Mining Reclamation, Consultant
Web Address: www.midwesternbioag.com

Description of Company:

Midwestern Bio Ag is an industry leader in biological agriculture. Our staff is well educated and knowledgeable in the principles and practices of soil management, crop production, and animal agriculture. We supply a wide range of products and programs to assist our customers in managing an efficient and profitable operation. Our goal is to create a tailored management plan that incorporates better farming through better soil to meet each and every producer’s production goals for soils, crops, and livestock


  • Blended Fertilizers
  • Huma Cal
  • Bio Cal
  • Balance Minerals


Ron Mason, Chief Procurement Officer
Business Phone: 800.327.6012
Mobile Phone: 608.225.5399

Midwestern BioAg