Bio-Gro, Inc.

681 Glade Road
Mabton, WA  98935

Business Form: Manufacture

Markets Served: Agriculture

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Founded in 1988 by Peter Aleman, Bio-Gro, Inc manufactures and distributes over 140 plant nutrition and biostimulant products. With a majority of distribution in the USA, focusing on specialty crops, Bio-Gro’s innovative product technology manufactures premium humic based products, both as organics and conventional, customized to growers specific needs, and with real compatibility in the tank and in the field.

We are passionate about promoting alternative solutions with Humic as our foundation for improving soils and increasing crop quality.

Premium 6
Premium 21
Premium 17
CHB Standard Humics
NUE LMW Foliar

Bio-Gro, Inc. additionally offers over 100 labels and blends

Ryan Young, Discovery & Innovation
Mobile: 403.850.6572

Peter Aleman, President
Business: 509.894.4110
Mobile: 509.840.2422

Bio-Gro, Inc.